My Homies

Lil Fizz

Whatz up raz man
Hurts my heart just to think of what we had man
How it all went bad
But ain't a day that go by where i don't wish you the best
And may the rode that you follow lead you to success
From mistakes that we made
I know that we was dumb then
Talking behind each other backs
I know that we was young then
But see we grown now
We on our own now
So weny in nemosity
All of that is gone now
And any grief we had
I end it with the song now
Admitting that i was wrong
And it's time to move on now
Cause see i'm good homie
And i know you do yo thing as you should homie
But don't forget the times you was good on me
And you kept all the love you could show me
Don't trip
Cause with time i learn to forgive
And not forget
Nothing like friends but you know what it is

If i had a chance to do it different man
I know i do it different cause
Man i miss my homies
And when they get this man
I hope they really listen
I was never really tripping cause
Man i miss my homies
So if you ever want to give it 1 more
Like even just a tour
Wantcha come and get cha homie
This is just me
Tryin to make a mens yo
We brothers to the end
And i really miss my homies

Whatz poppin boog
You know it's been a while since we was poppin boog
But you was there and you never tried to stop me boog
And true friends and few fall in between
And having you around now i know what that means
So i want you to know
I love your daughter like my own
And as her god father
Shes my honor til i'm gone
Just know you my brother
Like from a nother mother
And you can't forget how it seems
I know we kinda distant
But you know how it be
You doing you and i'm working on me
But through the whole thing you was close to me
And now things are kinda like we hoped it would be
See i'm back on top
And i saved you a spot
So just know you are straight
Just as long as i'm hot
And even when i'm not
Man the lovin never stop
Cause for real i really feel
That we ought to be got

Hey whatz up o
Well me, nothing much o
I'm proud of you man
I love touch o
And your performance on b.e.t
Thatz what up o
But why you don't holla just to see whatz up though
Call me and let cha boy know what cha up to
I feel this is just something i must do
Stop and
Let my dudes know whatz in my heart truth
It was only disappointment
It was never anger
We still boys
We ain't got ta be strangers
Plus we always said
We won't let the money change us
But what we ain't fact
Is that time brings changes
But maybe we can get together
Hit them with a bangga
All you got ta really do is holla at a playa
Tell me about the record
Let me know what were laying
You my boytil i'm resting
That's all i'm really sayin and
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