I Got Bitches


Welcome to Based
Welcome. This is Lil B
Everybody put your hands in the air

[Verse 1:]
I'm rolling through these cits
I got bitches on my dick
These niggas fuck with me
Because I have respect
And cause I Based freestyle
They gotta cut me a check
All these bitches on my dick
And I just want some sex
I say "that's alright!
Baby you're OK! My name's Lil Boss
And I'm here to stay
Man my name's BasedGod
Come fuck with me
All these bitches on my dick
And I just want you to see

I got bitches, yeah!

Everybody put your hands in the air
My name's Lil B. Lil B for Lil Boss

[Verse 2:]
She let me suck her
Let me do some things
She let me see her naked
She let me fuck her face
I do what I want
She let's me do what I please
I said I got bad bitches
She said "oh that's not me"
I say "you're my bitch! "
I say "you're my bop! "
I say "I fuck you all day
And I will not stop"
I said "I'm here for life
Bitch you gotta love me
My name's Lil Boss
But they call me Lil B! "


West Berkeley representative
Coming straight from Basednam

[Verse 3:]
I got all these hoes
And I don't know what to do
They ask me if I share
I'm asking "who are you? "
My dude is Hugh Hefner and he fucks with me
I said "Hugh Hefner man, I got more bitches than you"
He said "that's not right! "
He said "you are a liar! "
I said "Hugh Hefner, you see my bitches tonight? "
And I'm young BasedGod and I dare you to see
And I gotta question who got more bitches than me!
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