Amazing New Product


Fall into line. I clocked the card today
Conveyer whizzes past my hands
The supervisor spies a quiet corner
Thinks he better warn a peace says in his plans
Assemble pieces of the nucleic craze
Conveyer quizzes the pneumatic mind
And while we're working are we seeking different thoughts
Spinning wheels away the pennies we can find
Design the future from the scraps you find
Display emotion with a toxic bloom
The new machine is up and running now
And in less time it prints the labels, good as new
Overdue or over done, before we crawl we try to run
And that's the all we try to reach
Before we learn we try to teach
A kind of dance-too close to find
Who sees the generation with their souls in mind?

We let off steam from the magnetic coil
Then we use a spark to raise the precious oil
The supervisor spies, the traffic queues
The news says we could loose while all the rivers boil
Should we leave them to devices, they would price things way too high
When I greet a man en route who claims I'm sentenced to comply
You're in the wrong zone. You've found the wrong place.
So take your dreams home. You need to interface.
And could you pull the thread unwrap the cloak to leave him bare?
See the truth before illusions that is in despair
A solid corpse, too sure to hide
Who shields the generations from the coming tide?

Opinions are opinions are opposed until they prove
But even when well founded the astounded won't be moved
So take the feeling high. Just let the feelings fly.
From macrocosm to the microscopic world of me
A force instills a life, who knows how long a life would be?
Envelope, attack, decay, release
We'll let this reign and thus sustain a kind of peace
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