Take The Sting Out


Oh, lately we ain't been communicating beyond what needs to be said and done
Short sharp words like arrows that pierce our skin let the poison run
You're showing no emotion, I don't think it's noble to be proud
Yes we take it for granted that we love each other,
Can't bring ourselves to say it out loud
I hope we find a way to take the sting out.

Yesterday we were driving through an echoed silence
I had to turn the radio on
Standing frozen on the edge of the rocks looking down
Both of us afraid to take a dive
And when I find the drive
To break the surface nice and slow
Well the fall was clumsy and I get out
How come you would not through me a robe?
I hope we help each other
Help each other go.

So don't feel hopeless
When there's smoke
There is fire,
There is fire

I want to talk to you without making excuses
Or putting on a mask because I feel ashamed
I want you to hear me out, now make a judgment call
You know you used to be that kind of friend
So show me some emotion
Oh, we both know it's been too long
I hope we find the connection that made us strong.
Yes I hope we find the connection that made us strong.
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