Another Day

Lisa McClendon

Just another day that the Lord
has kept me from falling.

Just another day the Lord has helped me
to walk in integrity,
cast down my enemies.

[Verse 1:]
Just when I thought it was over,
"I know I'm free", is what I said to myself.
But when I wasn't looking,
the same test taken, tried to ruin me.

But before I could make a mistake,
God came and made a way of escape,
now take a good look at me,
I've got a testimony.


[Verse 2:]
It sounds familiar, I know it do,
see, the same thing may have happened to you.
But don't you count it strange,
see, the devil ain't change,
if you know what to do.

Submit yourself unto God,
resist the devil, he's got to depart,
and don't you let him make a fool of you again.


You may get weak,
God knows your heart,
He won't put more on you than you can bear.

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