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    Little Steven - Pretoria

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    Little Steven - Native American

  3. 3

    Little Steven - The Time Of Your Life

  4. 4

    Little Steven - Balance

  5. 5

    Little Steven - Bitter Fruit

  6. 6

    Little Steven - Education

  7. 7

    Little Steven - Fear

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    Little Steven - Forever

  9. 9

    Little Steven - Freedom

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    Little Steven - I Am A Patriot

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    Little Steven - Leonard Peltier

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    Little Steven - Liberation Theology

  13. 13

    Little Steven - Love And Forgiveness

  14. 14

    Little Steven - Newspeak

  15. 15

    Little Steven - No More Partys

  16. 16

    Little Steven - Out Of The Darkness

  17. 17

    Little Steven - Princess Of Little Italy

  18. 18

    Little Steven - Sanctuary

  19. 19

    Little Steven - Sexy

  20. 20

    Little Steven - Sun City

  21. 21

    Little Steven - Trail Of Broken Treaties

  22. 22

    Little Steven - Where Do We Go From Here


Little Steven

I was standing in Pretoria
Waiting for the sky to fall

Impilo Geyethu [life is for living - life is ours]
Thina Sigidela Phambili [we will not wait - we dance forward]

I am like any other man - I don't complain
But my family's so far away
I want to be with them someday
Men outside my window dressed in mask - they live a lie
But there's one truth that they cannot deny
Their blood's the same color as mine

I am not the prisoner today
You've been too long your soul locked away
Look around there is so much
What are you so afraid of?


Gather strength children say goodbye to the past
Dry your eyes and prepare to dance
The dance of freedom at last
Put your hand here touch me now
What you feel is what's lost when we're kept apart
It's the beating of your own heart

I'm no soldier - no politician
I'm just a working man whose time has come
Look around there is so much
What are you so afraid of?

Impilo Geyethu
Thina Sigidela Phambili
Come dance with us

I was standing in Pretoria
Waiting for the sky to fall
And the eyes of the war crimes icons
Stared down with false immortality
The fallen flowers of the purple jacaranda
Covered the blood on the streets
The faces of the statues are tainted
With an unclean righteousness
But inside they're crumbling
They know they ain't got much time left
In Pretoria

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