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    Little T - Guidance Counselor

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    Little T - Immune

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    Little T - Its a Mystery

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    Little T - Only When It Rains

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    Little T - Shaniqua

  6. 6

    Little T - Shaniqua By Little T

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    Little T - Shanqua

Guidance Counselor

Little T

Staring at a hard wood floor feelin' kinda nauseous
waiting for some guidence at the counselors office
he asked me what i want to do and who i want to be
i told him when i grow up that i want to M.C.
Rock the mic with ease
Make G's
Rap so dope that the fans say please
little T can we have some mo
shaken that ass on the dance floo
hands in the air everybody say hoo
the guidance counselor said well sir
hell sir

you slow or something don't you get it
I ain't ever gonna grow to be nothing
nothing but a super M.C.
WRiting dope ryhmes ain't nothing to you
but its the only life for me

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