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Living Syndication

It hurts so bad, it's like a mountain
tumbling down to me..
would you wake me then again..
I'm not wakin..

I wanna make you high..

What's the best you wear?
I got something in my shoes, yeah.
Seen the mess you made,
I gotta clean you with my noose, yeah.
They're all higher child,
compare your failures next to mine..
Look at the mess you made,
I gotta clean the mess
you made now sugar..

Go high I wanna make you high
Don't go on and mess around your high...

throw away.....
throw away......

Where's the rest you say
Got a craving for my juice, yeah
Seen the stash I saved
Got a feelin that you're loose, yeah.
You look higher child
Compare your bloodshot eyes to mine
Killin the stash I saved
You're gonna silk it all
away now, sugar.
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