Avalon's Fall


Behind the mists of Avalon
a magic realm stands
trusting its fate in the ladies hands
and in the wit of the elder mage

Beyond the walls of Adrian
Britain lies divided
the warrior king has pagan heart
but the Romans deceived his mind

By the fields of Britain
in a might and golden land
rides an army
knowed by every man

Fearless pagan men
fifteen years away from home
in duty with their captain
to guard the walls of Rome

Cursing the old costumes
bring magic to its end
building christian churches
in Avalon´s pagan lands

fighting for an empire
corrupted by it´s faith
using a sole-divinity
to spread terror death and rage

We´ll be back home
We´ll cross the highest hills
We´ll see the forests again
and forget the battle fields!

Ride to the north gate;
thats all what Rome asks
to earn your freedom
complete your final task

Cross the tribal lands
seek blessings from the woods
broad swords once again
and kill your own barbarian roots

Stand against the Saxons
we know we´ll not return
to make true their prayers
we´ve sacrificed our sons

Fearless pagan men
will never be back home
dying as their captains
defending the christian throne
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