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Unknown Thing


I can't fell, I cannot know
What's coming' here, what doesn't show
No one can know, no one can see
None can show, no one can be

And if I don't know (I don't know)
I don't hear (I don't hear)
I don't see (I don't see)
I don't say (I don't say)
I don't pray (I don't pray)
I don't see (I don't see)
It might be

(One Time) I can't even hear you
(But I can try) I can't even see you
(but I'll try) I can't even help you
(let me try!) I don't even know you

Nothing seems right, I keep tricking my mind
There's no light, I cannot find it
At the dark, I can't find it
Without light, I'll not try

And if I can't do (I can't do)
I'm not you (I'm not you)
I can't see (I can't see)
I can't go (I can't go)
I can't show (I can't show)
I can't be (I can't be)
Only me

(Just this time) that's very hard
(It's all right) nothing is impossible
(If I try) could you help me?
(Just this time, just this time)


And if I don't mind (I don't mind)
I don't try (I don't try)
I can't cry (I can't cry)
I can't fly (I can't fly)
I don't see (I don't see)
I'm not me (I'm not me)
It might be (might be)
Only me

(At this time) I don't even know
(That's your light) I can't even see you
(You can't try) That's in my mind
(That's your time, that's your time)
(One more time) I can't find it
(Push harder) I can't catch it
(Yes you can) Not this way
(Try again, try again)
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