Love Me For One More Night


Won't you never know
Who you will belong
Down the corner i will follow you, babe
Stop to laugh at me ( please don't )
Don't ( think i'm ) idiot ( think it )
You can make my heart blow instantly hear it
On't never tease me
Won't you believe me
You need me
As i need you so bad
Hush babe kill me
With all your kisses
Coz this time
You gotta give me

Chorus: Love me for one night
I tell you why
I give you my life
Take me one more time
Until the light
Comes into your eyes

tonight hold me long
don't tell you gotta go
you take me in heaven.. in paradise

lay down next to you ( closer )
that's what i should do ( so nice )
wrap me into your arms
and i'll be there ( always )
let me be the one ( honey )
make you feel alive ( so right )
there's a magic coming all around ( rock me )

oh can't you see
i'm head over feet
let me be the one for you ever
hush babe kill me
with all your kisses
coz this time
you gotta give me


Sing number 1! Sing number 2! sing number 3! Sing number 4!
Give sings at me: " Fell the hit inside "

Sing number 1! Sing number 2! Sing number 3! Sing number 4!
Tight be in the lies, tight be in the by, all be by you stop

Uuuhh... My love is forever
Aaahh... can't see it my eyes
Uuuhh... Just be not isn't idiot
Eeehh... You in only on for me

Chorus: ( 2x )
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