Loney, Dear

These people, what are your friends for?
You wish they could help you, you better get used to
We don't sleep much, we're looking for trouble
We saw town sides, I was your lover
Now I hold back, when I talk to you. When I'm blacked out
And you're biased, cause I'm keeping you close to me

I grab your arm hard, to make you hit me
To make it hurt less, to even wait
He is a madman, he is my trouble
It's not right now, he is my burden

I talk loud, I push right back, when he is my trouble, my trouble
To ask me to hit him, til words got out

He is a madman, he is my trouble
He's my sadness, he is my burden

And the women, they sing in their low keys
They sing how did they get here, I wish they could carry me over the waters

But I cannot say anything, this is a secret
You took me out here, you walked on a limb for me

He is my sadness, he's my trouble
It's not right now, he's my burden
When he's my trouble
I was your lover, I was your lover
And now he’s over land and seas
Now he’s over land and seas. He's my burden
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