Rock Island Line

Lonnie Donegan

Now this here's the story about the Rock Island Line

The Rock Island Line she runs down into New Orleasn

And just outside of New Orleans is a big toll gate

And all the trains that go through the toll gate

They gotta pay the man some money

But of course, if you got certain things on board

You're okay and you don't have to pay the man nothin

And just now we see a change comin down the line

When you come up to the toll gate

The driver, he shout down to the man

I got pigs, I got horses, I got cows

I got sheep, I got all livestock, I got all livestock

I got all livestock

The man say, you alright boy just

Get on through, you don't have to pay me nothin

And then the train go through

And when he go through the tollgate

The train gotta have a little bit of steam

And a little bit of speed

And when the driver think he safely on the other side

He shouts back down the line to the man

I fooled you, I fooled you

I got pig iron, I got pig iron

I got allpig iron,

Now I'll tell you where I'm goin boy


Down the rock island line is a mighty good road

Oh the rock island line is the road to ride

The rock island line is a mighty good road

Well if you want to ride you gotta ride it like you find it

Get your ticket at the station of the rock island line

Well Imay be right, I may be wrong

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone


Hey you are safe within

The good Lord's comin to see me again



The cats on the cover but he don't see me

CHORUS (repeat once)
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