I'm a danger, I was born to be alone
I'm a danger, I’m just going home
I was born by mistake
It's so bad everything I make

I'm a danger, I was born to be lonely
I'm a danger, I'm sorry, but I'm not lovely
There'll be the day you'll be perfect
Already I'm something you can reject

I'm a danger to the human race
I'm a danger, I wanna hide away my face
You don't need to hear my noise
You need to know the silence of my voice

I'm a danger, I really am a lie
I'm a danger, I really wanna die
I hurt everybody, because I'm fire
Now I just wanna lit my funeral pyre

I'm a danger, please, go away
I'm a danger, now, that's the final day
I even hate my rock'n'roll
All I've got to do is to sing my blues and go

I'm a danger
Now we know the reason why
I'm a danger
All I've got to say is goodbye... Goodbye!
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