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    Los Umbrellos - No Tengo Dinero

No Tengo Dinero

Los Umbrellos

1- Vamos a tequila, senorita, bonita I really need it now Ay ya no tengo dinero, camarero Say can we work it out First time I meet her, I wanted to greet her Nobody could've been sweeter I was wrong should have had the bombita But, now she gone I don't know where she go Me, I'm frustated down so, and the other men miss her I guess I surely know that, baby Where did she gone? where the rose bush rise up Are you wicked than bandolero Then a-better wise up Or we go, ash to ash, and dust onto the dust You just big up a chest and go loco (repeat 1) Smile up on the face Make the next plan Wiggle the bottom to attract the next man Rude boys, beware This one's a-come fe run the things Swing them together Like vendetta the gun things She lick a shot, sa, to get She take care of dha freak And you get the money Cause her punani popularity Bum, bye-bye, she make a grown man cry She just big up her chest and go loco Come on (rpt 1, 1...)

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