Cast of characters:
The conscience
> The Bard
* The Elves

Part 1 : Discovering Secrets

So Hear the Whisper of elves in this dark ancient
* "Don't be a fool, feel the mystic in the air"
Straight to insanity, strange twisted thoughts in your
> Where are the secrets that one day I knew?

The dreams that I lived lies down in my dying heart
(Can you see them now?) In a cold hall of hope
Reality is turned my silent dungeon of cries
follow the madness to break all my pain

So let me try again
The barge must bring my light
And while elves take my hands
The distance was left behind

Memories has gone
But I keep my talisman
That shows me another way to believe
And reasons to dream again

I lost my pride when my journey starts
And in oceans of tears i was sail
But my mystic heart in my pride I found
And wash my tears away

So I remember my name
And the place from where I came
I'm just a bard with an elfic heart
That I leave in Lorien

Now and Beyond
There are secrets to find
But I just want to dream
So I'm coming home

Part 2 Elfic Manifest

I walk into this new world
For long ways
I can see, I can feel the dark thorns behind
And hear my old friends calls my name

The smells of mists and wine
The voices: "Do you see, do you feel the Kingdom of
This is all that the mankind lost
When the innocence has gone"

But we live in a place of liberty
There's no tears or false heroes
(Just) open (the) doors of your real Insanity
And you will find the answers
This is a new dimension

(The) Lost sense in the World of Sanity
(Is the) real sense in our realm of Fantasy
Most real that men reality
The peace is all that we try
And wars is all that they find

Innocence is all that we need
The only way to hear that we sing
(And) in your heart the feelings you'll keep
The wisdom there's in your mind
(Is) the only key to can fly
(So) the answers that you can seek
You will find
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