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Dizzy, You're A Dreamer

Louise Goffin

They call you Dizzy, that's your name
'Cause you look for a starry sky
And you never seem to notice
How quickly time is slipping by

It's got you in a trance now
It's got you to the core
It's got you holding on now
Don't you know what dreams are for

Dizzy, you're a dreamer

You dream of heroes, hot and cold
When you look out and see the storm
And you want someone to hold you
When your dreams don't keep you warm

But it's so hard to see you
On a train that's slumber bound
Don't let it take you somewhere
You can't leave when it all falls down

Dizzy, you're a dreamer
Dizzy, you're a dreamer

You're out of touch
Out of time
But you feel fine
'Cause Dizzy you're a dreamer

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