Kasparov's Revenge

Low Fidelity Allstars

So, this thing... This thing I hear is going down... You know, it ain't about punk... And it ain't about the scene... And you stupid fucking nerds are sitting... Sitting indoors, man. I'm out, on, the street, dig it? ...And I'm out here on the street where it goes down, Not indoors, In the record stores, I'm making it go down here. Dig it? Scraping the skylines with hypnotic observations Swooping and surfing over lyrical substations Embrace the flame again and again Like passion and pain hand in hand with each other. Sliding, deeper I'm gliding Shooting. I am deeper than you. Bombs wired to my chest I'll lace the building with bugs Cos you'll always be behind me slip-streaming my buzz See me rocket off into the ozone layer Spiralling off into the ether Slip-streaming our buzz (X4) Into the ether Sliding, deeper I'm gliding Shooting I am deeper than you Into the ether

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