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Lu Guessa

I´ll never change myself
I know what i want and i left behind
So many people for you
Nobody makes my mind
Theres no time to loose
Im fine this way
I just want my place

I am what i am
I´m not afraid
To love intensely

I hope to live my life
Only with you
I want to stay outside
Im coming out
Coming out
I want to stay outside
I need your love
Don´t leave me alone
I wan´t to stay outside
So sad is this place
Away from your face
I want to stay outside
And you know it´s allright

Is time to be proud of love (3x)

Everytime i see your face i can´t resist
I just want you closer
Do you feel the same
Is time to be proud of love inside of me
Come on
Wont you set me free

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