Lucky Twice

The sweetest little rush has been going around
You're gonna break, break, break, just a matter of time
It's spreading like a wild fire, running you down
You've got the shake, shake, shake, and it can't be a crime
Now everybody's going crazy on a Saturday night
They've got the rush, rush, rush, and there's no getting out
Now you and I could be amazing, don't you put up a fight
Here comes the push, push, push, if you're ready or not

You've got the push
I've got the push, push, I've got the push
They've got the push
We've got the push, push, we've got the push

Baby, you were born just to be here tonight
You've got to move, move, move, don't go falling behind
It's all you ever wanted, the time of your life
You've got to prove, prove, prove, that you're one of a kind
Now everybody wants to lose it on a Saturday night
We're gonna dance, dance, dance, 'cause it's all that we've got
You've got the moves, it's time to use 'em, step on into the light
Here comes the push, push, push, are you ready or not

When tomorrow comes we'll be gone
But remember this and you'll never go wrong
Be the one you are, keep it true
That is all you can do
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