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The Love of Your Love

Lucy Lawless

Yes, I lied.
Thought I could protect you from the truth.
Deliver you from evil,
Spare your innocence and youth.
That I could simply will it
Was the real untruth.
I was wrong.
I wore a mask to cover my deceit.
But underneath it all
I couldn't keep away my doubt.
Now I'm left without a mask
And one question left to ask.
I'm sorry, please help me, forgive me.
Don't hate me, don't leave me, forgive me.
Forgive me my debt as only you could.
Forgive me the hate; replace evil with good.
Forgive me and find out that you--
Will be able to forgive yourself, too.

Cantando para Solan

My dear Solan--
I never told you that you were my son.
I didn't know the days we had left were so few.
If I only knew, I'd have been with you.
I'm so sorry,
I couldn't be the mother you deserved.
And I regret that I missed your first step--
Your first word--
That I never heard. Now it seems absurd.

Cantando para Gabby

Can you forgive me?
Open up your heart and let me in.
No matter if the Fates against us turn.
There's one thing through all of this I've learned.
That what I need from you
Is to...
Forgive me, I'm sorry, believe me.
Stop hating, stop hurting, Forgive me.
Forgive those who'd harm you,
Do good for those who hate.
Forgive, if not forget,
I know it's not too late.
Forgive me and you'll discover, too,
That the love of your love is-- you"

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