1. 1

    Luiz Bonfá - Manhã de Carnaval

  2. 2

    Luiz Bonfá - Perdido de Amor

  3. 3

    Luiz Bonfá - Seville

  4. 4

    Luiz Bonfá - Menina Flor

  5. 5

    Luiz Bonfá - Samba de Orfeu

  6. 6

    Luiz Bonfá - Sem esse céu

  7. 7

    Luiz Bonfá - Melancolia

  8. 8

    Luiz Bonfá - De cigarro em cigarro

  9. 9

    Luiz Bonfá - Tristeza

  10. 10

    Luiz Bonfá - Correnteza

  11. 11

    Luiz Bonfá - Dreamgirl

  12. 12

    Luiz Bonfá - Eu E O Meu Amor

  13. 13

    Luiz Bonfá - Monólogo de Orfeu

  14. 14

    Luiz Bonfá - Um nome de mulher

  15. 15

    Luiz Bonfá - Uma Prece


Luiz Bonfá

Through misty night and sprinkly rain
A girl appeared and called my name
Softened by the mist, begging to be kissed
It was just a dream, but all the same

It seemed that I would feel her touch
She stood quite near and gave that me
Then I long to know if our love will grow
But I knew her dream I would never be

Dreamgirl, can you hear me?
Promise me that you came back to stay
Dreamgirl, can your hear me?
Please return, let me have all your love

And then one day you came along
My lonesome heart began to mend
Now the dream has passed
You have come to my class
Now I know our love will never end

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