Feast Of Misery


Traveling among different worlds
Patterns demanded by the life
Controlling the other with empty words
Trying to justify a possible absence

A misfortune is happening
That would be far away from you
You can feel the destruction corroding you
Because the power of the mind speaks higher

Leaving everything that you conquered
In the place where everything was dead
With preachers giving advices
Drinking your blood, eating your flesh
Tasting and satisfying your ignorance

Perplexed for the daring of your thoughts
Living a to be despicable without hope
Because the revenge will always dominate us
And the hate can involve our minds

We are condemned forever
To feel the eternal torture for your sin
You'll never find the peace
You won't have your blessing

Waiting for the glory to arrive
Or committing suicide
completing the mission for your god
Blasphemies putting upon the storms
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