Lula Correia

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, me and you
Pictures on the wall to make sure that I do
Remember everything

It's been so hard for me, it's been so hard for you, we know
We've seen a lot of this; we talked about this a long time ago
But life is not that simple anymore

I wanna dance with you tonight
I wanna make you go so high
I wanna make you feel all right

It's been a while; it's been a year that I don't move from this place
This town seems to be so selfish for a goddamn taste
Of something new

I'm not that lucky, I'm out of gas, I'm running, I'm about to crash
I'm on my way, I'm on the radio, but I look like trash
It doesn't matter anymore

But nothing could be more unexpected
Than see you walking through this crowd
But nothing could be more unexpected
Than notice you and you for a little while

So then we'll dance so much tonight
So then we'll make everything all right
Before we leave again.
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