Dreary Nights And Days


Dreary days and nights just follow me.
Dreary days and nights are all I see.
Always missing his sweet sound,
Knowing that he's not around,
Keeps that same old feeling, hanging by,
just hanging by...

Dreary days and nights are part of me.
Since he's gone I call it company.
I'm still looking for a clue,
To stop that feeling known as blue,
I've just gotta get out,
Of my trance, my only chance, for some peace.

Peace of mind to make me feel free,
And also one way to be,
Full of good feeling, inside of me.....

Dreary days and nights when will they go?
The feelings that I've got I'd like to send.
On their way and then just yearn,
For nothing else but your return,
Someone please have mercy,
make it come true,
We'll start a new home again....

Dreeeeary daayys,
Dreeeeary daayys,
Dreary days.
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