You Keep On Blessing Me

Luther Barnes

You keep on blessing me
Over and over again (repeat 6 times)

You woke me up this morning, started me on my way
You gave me strength to make, to make it through another day
You gave me eyes to see, you gave a tongue to talk
I want to thank you Jesus, forgiving me legs to walk

I can move around, I can wave my hands (I can wave my hands)
When you speak to me, I can understand (I can understand)
Well, I've got a home to live in, where I can lay my head
I could have been sleeping in my grave, but you kept me alive instead

And I wanna thank you
Thank you Jesus (8 times)

So many times you opened doors for me
And if it had not been for the Lord
I wouldn't be standing here today

You made a way for me (choir repeats)
You made a way for me
And you did it over, and over and over (modulate)

I've got a tongue to talk
I've got legs to walk
I've got eyes to see
I've got some food to eat

Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus
(repeat 4 times)
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