A Tale Of Two Lovers 2

Ly Victor

1:43AM (Guy) I can't fall asleep tonight Because I want to hold you tight I hold your photo under the moonlight And wish that I could treat you right I have your photo, I see your face But I can't see you walk, can't feel your grace I want you here, with me face to face Because I long for our first embrace I pick up the phone, and I know your number I want to hear your voice once before my slumber Been so long since I've seen you, nearly one full summer But your face is always on my mind, never a blur I dial your number, after I wait for the tone You're so special, unlike anyone I've ever known I want to be with you, not here all alone When it starts to ring, a little more tightly I grip the phone I know you turn off your phone when it's dark outside So I wait for dark every night, when you're deep asleep inside I love you so much, but these feelings I must hide For I know you don't feel the same way, because once I tried Your machine picks up, and you start to talk Your voice so sweet, rhythmic like the clock when it ticktocks I think back a couple months, the last time I saw you on thesidewalk I dream of you so gently, and I think of you round-the-clock You tell me to leave the message after the beep I wait a little longer, to make sure that you're asleep I think of the first time, when I saw you my heart took a leap Because one look at you, and my feelings have ran so deep I wait a little longer, playing your voice over in my head I don't want to sleep, don't want to go to bed Because my dreams are filled with dread I always dream of you, but you're always with someone elseinstead Even in my dreams I cannot be with you So how can I let destiny do what it's supposed to I want to care for you, and to love you too But I know that your love for me can never be true I hang up the phone, and lay back down Before I close my eyes, upon my face is a little frown I want to love you through ups and downs but I know I'll always get played like a clown So I go to sleep, and my heart quietly weeps... 2:55AM (Girl) You called again, like the night before But I wonder what you called for Last time I saw you was at school, when you walked down thecorridor I caught one more glance at you before you walked out the door Why must you always play with my heart Haven't seen you in so long, now my world is falling apart My heart, you pierced it like a dart So why can't I forget you, why can't I be smart? Unknown to you, I know that you called I know that every night, you call and for a while you stall Don't you realize I care for you and want you to catch me when Ifall? I want to hold your hand as we walk down a seashore I know that you called because I have Caller I.D. But I wish I also knew your heart, only if I had your heart'skey But here I am all alone, just myself and me No matter how hard I plea, I just can't be with you happily So I lay back on my bed and try to go to sleep I see your face when I try counting sheep Here I lay all alone, an unloved heap Slowly, tears start to come; my eyes and heart weep...

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