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All Of My Angels

Machinae Supremacy

This bleak and unbearable world
Has left me cold and wanting
I need someone to make me feel. real. now!
Submerged and trapped beneath the ice,
Without your light, without your eyes

I keep looking to find myself in me again

Alive in spite of it all
One with her
Once i aim for the win
I’ll find a way

All of my angels are right here with me
Hold me as i ache from the things i have seen
I have all my angels and i am not alone
Wake me if i turn to stone

But i will not go quietly
It’s not my time
‘s not meant to be
What can i do to make you hear. me. now?!

I touch the white upon the window sill
Cracks are spidering across the glass
No one will see me if i hold perfectly still
This sense of hopelessness will surely pass

For reasons i have yet to understand
I know the world in ways i can’t explain
What i can see, it’s like the ocean next to land
It all seems futile and in vain
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