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Green Teen Ice Cream

Madison (Hard Rock)

Say what you want to say
All of you are blind
I sit here wasting time with you and now
Tired of these games
It hurts inside to know that
I sould have realized that my time with me
Can't hold back my fears, would you tell me why I'm here
Please tell me why, why I'm here

And now I say so long, where did I go wrong
Our time apart will break my heard
Pack up your things and leave
Just so I can breathe
Our time apart will break my heart

Apologies won't count
Things never work out
Don't understand my life
Nothing seems right

Letting go the past,
Time travels fast
I'm not full of answers
But you're full of questions
Lasted all this time
Rollercoaster ride

Can't stand these dreams
Have me on my knees
I have to get away
Please don't ask if you can stay
I have to find a place where I can hide my face
leave them left behind
Can't be wasting my time
I need to be alone
I can't even go home
Don't need my friends
Belong to the end
The moon is falling
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