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Prime Evil


Unholy one imprisoned by wise Zhaldor
Inside a soulstone
Was set free by hellish power
And will challenge me
Could it be the reason of my existence,
my toughest fight?
The demon crumbled
And vanished into the magic stone

I have a whole life to live
I've got much more to give
But since the day I found this evil one
I try to run away
This force so strong to hide
I must keep deep inside
That's the curse that is torturing me
Every single day

When the stone has lost all its glow
Its essence merged with my soul
In sacrifice
And an inner battle just begun

In my dreams I stare at his eyes
All I see is hell in disguise
My only hope is to escape
Before I may no more



I won't get desperate
I'm not a slave to fate
And no prime evil will control
My destiny again
I'm waiting day and night
The time to turn the tide
My name will be remembered
All over the land
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