A Begin. A End

Magnanimous Lethal

A Begin, An End

Don't know the future, for everybody many, for me very,
Look to horizon, have most, but all that people,
Are now here, and just you, among all may and are,
This force, incalculable, no thanks, not for me !


Has a begin, much can confide, and may have end,
But are part one of the other, one life, one good sense,
See an end, no begin exactly and a begin that don't have well and,
That's all for me, fight, our history, feel and smile, my band.

Shouts of revolt beginning, sentences no nexus, little bit, I think,
Much quickly of that aspect, simplicity, the life,
Really is short, and a thing have that let,
Doing then for deserve, question you when this the end.


A begin... An end...
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