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An World Pass In The Side

Magnanimous Lethal

Day by day, night by night,
Pass the time, pass the hours, already?
I'm living, and you, many smiles,
Much people, faces, faces, crazy...

Sometimes feel a feeling, pass the world in the mirror,
My visage have lines of the insane,
That was and back in a big fear,
So strange to tell, how much will see for you?


I meet the world and nobody understand me,
But, I use my voice and he use your rage,
I hate it... Circle of destruction!
Only breed your history do part of my world.

See amount one day, see sufficient in a glance.
Look all one time just, true, in that life,
How much still will observe, how much I meet, and will go,
A big world' situations, lifes, lifes, histories...

Were passed the biggest part of the life,
No knows the world, but maybe,
One time in the life, you may, you can,
Does the world really meet you!


Again the first part

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