1. 1

    Maliah - Come With Me

  2. 2

    Maliah - Forevermore

  3. 3

    Maliah - Goodbye

  4. 4

    Maliah - I Regret

  5. 5

    Maliah - I Think

  6. 6

    Maliah - I Want Your Love

  7. 7

    Maliah - I'm So Sorry

  8. 8

    Maliah - In The End (I Choose You)

  9. 9

    Maliah - Let Me Breathe

  10. 10

    Maliah - Missin You

  11. 11

    Maliah - Never Again

  12. 12

    Maliah - Promise Me

  13. 13

    Maliah - So Hard

  14. 14

    Maliah - So Sad (Still In Love)

  15. 15

    Maliah - Softly Baby (You Love Me)

  16. 16

    Maliah - Speacial One

  17. 17

    Maliah - Stay

  18. 18

    Maliah - That's Why I Love You

  19. 19

    Maliah - There's Something About You

  20. 20

    Maliah - They Said

  21. 21

    Maliah - Wanna

Come With Me


Verse 1- Outside there is a rain Beating against my window pane And it reminds me Of the tears I've cried The many times I wondered why Why I never found a love A love I want to give to you I know they say True love is hard to find But you'll find it with me If you'd just be mine Chorus- Come with me baby On my journey of the world I'll be your man If you'd be my girl And together We can make a love never seen Just me and you Betta yet Me and my queen Verse 2- I'll buy anything you want Just as long as you don't play me And baby girl Please don't front Baby just don't break my heart We are meant to be together And never apart And if it ain't love you lookin for Don't lie to me It'd break my heart more Chorus Bridge: Now you gotta let me know What's really the deal Now you know I'm thinkin Just tell me the deal Now I won't pressure you And I'll give you your time But I really want you To be my boo Chorus

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