Searching for contacts around and around
Squeezing the lovely Adonis you've found
Hiding, not caring 'bout stench or bein' frozen
Despising the life for which you have chosen

Make the impression as if you are sound
Concealing the red stains on body, you've found
Now live a dead life and do as you're told
Hair's falling out, you soon will be bald

We'll get A.I.D.S., aids

The Adonis was married to a chick without style
Messing around and expecting a child
She used to say, I do as I please
And so it went on, the spread of disease

We'll get A.I.D.S., aids

We build up a life so short
Big plans are made to abort
We may try to flee
Right out of the maze
But it won't help a thing
We will all get aids

She first had her left breast bein' taken away
Then prayed for the good one
The right one, to stay
Brain waves of death made her do quiver
And soon after that she gave up her liver

We'll get aids, we'll get aids, we'll get aids
We'll get fucking aids, aids, aids
We'll get fucking aids, aids

If only we listened to what they preach
It's the good lord's revenge
Soon we'll be gone
Addiction to sex
And new things to teach
Make the growing threat
What's being done

We'll get A.I.D.S., aids
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