Wayne's Takeover 2

Mannie Fresh

[Lil Wayne]
Alright that nigga gone, man fuck that nigga, man fuck that
Fabe, go through all this nigga's Pro Tools
First beat you pick, I'm slaughterin this niggaz shit
Cause B done already called me and told me
Man go to that studio, Fuck what Fresh doin
Tell Fresh let you get on that shit and kill that shit
Fresh told me no, I can't go back to B til B knows so Fabe
Pick a song and I'm going off, lets do it
Oh yeah, Lock the doors to the booth man
Don't let Mannie in man, bout to kill this nigga's album
Ya understand me? Birdman Jr
Weezy F-Baby
Please say Baby 1 7 Holygrove Gangus street
Cash Money Records
Get down and lay down
Lie down and die down
Bitch nigga
I thought you knew
Rapper with guns

[Lil Wayne]
Get me that piffy, I'm higher than my attire
I float like I spit through the fryer
I-uh sniffin cocaine is some fire
I-uh get to buy money out the dryer
Ridah in the five buggy, slim tires
Tryin to find a try to light Jeremaih
They call me Weezy F-Baby
Women wanna suck all on my pacifier
and if she tell ya she didn't, homie thats a liar
You see me passin by ya, More like flashin
Lights, Camera but I'm more like Action
So get your back into it, Stop acting
Cause we bring pistons to the balls
Cool cat, wind breezin through my whiskers
Hurry, speed up, hater you just missed us
I just twisted something
Birdman Jr. swoop down on ya bitch like whats up with cha
Walk to me, that's real
We on that Shrek, I met her neck like let's chill
When we ridin in my SL, she give me more tongue, less grill
My yellow diamonds give you spit nigga bitch yield
And that tooley gets saluted or I'll shoot it Yeah
I kidnap the boss, make the click squeal
Got you out of position like Sheffield in left field
Call me when its gangsta nigga

[Mannie Fres]
Yo...what the fuck is goin on over there
Ya'll think I don't know what the fuck goin on, I got ears all over
Dude I know you on my album cursin
Talkin bout cuttin bitches and killin motherfuckers and murkin motherfuckers
I don't want that dude right now
I'm out here with full bar bitches
I got a spanish bitch, a chinese bitch
A vietnamese, what are you baby, whatever the fuck she is
and this other bitch
and we doin like this five-some thing
and whatever and y'all over there talking bout killing motherfuckers
Wayne, what is your mamas number dude I'm gonna call your mama
and tell her whats goin on with you
Dude you never used to curse brah
Now you just all fucked up with this shit
I'm pissed off dude, I'm really pissed off wit you brah
I told you my album is about loving, huggin, holding hands, fuckin, and all that kinda shit
No, no thats it, I don't want you anymore on my album dude
I just got you for a chorus and we over with
Now lets finish the album
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