Show Me Love


there are so many things going thru my mind
and I don´t know why they all relate to you
could it be something 'bout that look in your eyes
or just the vibe in the air
anyhow I really want you to know
but the way that I feel is so hard to show
but if you come to me
and tell me what is on your mind
tell me what you wanna do is on
in other words

if show me love
it's on tonight
take it slow
'cause I got what you need

so at this point of the night I don´t know what I´m feeling
should I go up and talk my way, baby
my way into your heart
so I get up and start to walk
the light goes off, is 'kinda dark
if it came back on I could not say
cause we were kissing the night away
night away, kissing the night away, oh you know
so good to be in love
remember how it is?


and if you wan' it
you got it
you need it
just tell me the way that you wan´ it
and now I'll give it on time
if you wan´ it
you got it
you need it
I´ll tell you that it
it don´t matter
oh no no
I really wanted to say
Oh yeah
However there we go
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