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Au Revoir

Maple Cross

Same old formula
1+1 ain´t 2 but 4
Restricted way of life
Pathetic fucking moron

Can you feel my anger
I´m gonna hunt you down
Tragic waste of life
You might as well be dead

Com´n don´t fight it
What´s gonna happen is gonna happen
You know you deserve to die
I promise I won´t be gentle

I will always treasure
The agonized look
You had on your face
When I let the life out of you
You had it coming

Hey fuck tell me how do you feel now
Hey fuck I couldn´t care any less

Com´n you fucking loser
Don´t you feel any better now
You just don´t exist anymore
Just like while you were still alive

Au revoir

The only formula
1+1 is 2 not 4

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