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Shining Human Skin

Mar De Grises

I see you high in the sky
Subjected to the pace of time
Or drown in a sea
Deeper than death.

I can be your sun
Or just a beggar
But still,
I undo myself
Into ashes.
Should you choose one more time,
Would you turn it into hell again?

You, among two suns
Of impossible dreams,
You among two suns.

Ungrateful stars
Lacking heat,
Could I someday lay there,
In between?

I can be your sun
Or just a beggar.
Feeling burning spaces
But still,
I undo myself
Into ashes
Freezing over again.

Your colors become one
Laying further down than me.

Your light takes up all
Dividing my soul without bleeding
It turns off the sun just with breathing
Dies in illusion, and gone
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