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Sunflowers & Rain


Yesterday the sun touched down.
Dropped itself right outside my window
And I looked outside to see the sky was all around me.
I looked out at all the world and finally found me.

Started talking to the sun.
We talked of birds and leaves and such.
And I thought, I know too much for writing down and filling pages
Left empty by the prophets and the sages.

Between the sunflowers and the rain,
There's me.
So far along from where I came,
There's me.

Started writing songs with the sun.
Songs without instruments.
Songs without the old constraints of writing songs with pen and paper.
The sun and I were sharp just like a saber.

The music it was beautiful.
I looked out at the world I came from
And saw that it was beautiful.
The sun it hovered lowly,
And the time was passing slowly.


And those who hadn't found their place started to burn.
The sun just shook its head,
"They have got so much to learn."
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