1. 1

    Mara - Bookends

  2. 2

    Mara - Cheat

  3. 3

    Mara - Don't Let Me Run

  4. 4

    Mara - Eternally

  5. 5

    Mara - It's Who I Am

  6. 6

    Mara - Jamie's Song

  7. 7

    Mara - No Apology (I Don't Need You)

  8. 8

    Mara - Roselan

  9. 9

    Mara - Si Te Vas

  10. 10

    Mara - Stars That Fall

  11. 11

    Mara - Sunflowers & Rain

  12. 12

    Mara - Touch Of Your Hand

  13. 13

    Mara - When The Damage Is Done



From the outside
We're a perfect pair.
There's no question there.

From the outside
We're a perfect fit.
Everyone knows it.

But take a look inside,
It's not working at all.
We're fighting, we're fading
But refusing to fall.

We stand like bookends.
We stand like bookends.
We stand...
With our backs to each other
Trying to hold our lives together.

We keep trying.
It once felt good.
Like we know it should.

We keep trying
Though it hurts so bad.
To get back what we had.

If we stand up straighter
We won't fall apart.
I thought love was easy
Should it be this hard?


But we never talk about it.
Why can't we talk about it?
Does it have to be this way?

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