Don't Let Me Run


This time I really want to stay.
I think I feel the same way.
I can't believe it.

This time you were right all along.
And I don't want to be strong.
I can't believe it.

And time moves too slow now I
Know you'll be there.
But darling, I'll show you the cross that I bear.

Don't let me run too far from you.
Don't let me hide from your affection.
Don't let me run too far from you.
Cuz I'll try. I'll try.
Don't let me run too far from love.
Don't let me hide, my eyes are crying.
Don't let me run
Cuz I'm afraid to lose me.
Baby, don't let me run.

Oh please don't let me think it through.
Close my eyes, trust in you.
I can't believe it.

I love you, I feel you,
I honestly do.
But habits are deadly.
I know not what I do.


I never let my guard down.
But you make it seem so easy.
This may be
The last thing that I say before I fall.
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