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If Only You Knew/Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Mariah Carey

I must have rehearsed my lines
A thousand times
Until I had them

But when I get up the nerve
To tell you the words
They never seem to
Come out right

If only you knew
How much I do
Do love you

If only you knew
(How much I do)
I said you don't know
(Do love you)
How much I love you

(Someday I'll wish upon a star)
(And wake up where the clouds are far behind me)
(Where troubles melt like lemon drops)
(Away above the chimney tops)
That's where you'll find me

Over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
And if those happy little bluebirds fly
Over the rainbow
Why then
Then why
Can't I
Why can't I
Why can't I
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