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Mariah Carey

Ex-girlfriend, ya can't have him
It's about time
That you found you a new man
He's moved on
Don't you know, don't you know
You gotta let him go
Let him go, let him go
Ex-girlfriend, you don't listen
Stop trying
He's not gonna give in
He's not yours anymore
Don't you know
You gotta let him go
Let him go, let him go

Hey ex-girlfriend
It's too bad when you had him
yourthing didn't work
But he's all mine now
So stop pursuing him
Before you get your feelings hurt
See our love is hot
And no, it won't stop
'Cause I got him on lock
And although he rejects you
it don't seem to affect u
'Cause you just keep trying
To get wit him

So don't (don't) keep (keep) calling
Hanging up the phone
When I answer I know it
Tears you up inside and
Why do you sit in silence
On the other end
'Till I hang up and you
Predictably call right back again


Hey ex-girlfriend
Whatever your name is
I'm really not amused
'Cause the things you do
Are very offensive
And sometimes straight out rude
All those late night calls and notes on his car
Won't get you anywhere
You can call his momma
As much as you want
And he won't really care


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