Crip Walk

Marie Serneholt

saggin, nigga g'd up, sippin
sip nigga, dip nigga, set trip nigga
gotta grip nigga, getta grip nigga with tha gang
and rollin with tha alpine bangin
homie whatcha got? a couple sacs to sell
went from weed and dope to mics ta sell
hit a switch nigga
dont fuck around wit bitch niggaz
im a money cash nigga
cash gettin, hash hitten
gang bang afiliate
hit a stick real quick
and in a minute start killin shit real quick
ima million dollar motherfuckin nigga (million dollar motherfuckin nigga)
i thought you knew about it
bout it bout it do ya got it
now tha homies bout it, ima bout ta do this
hit a lick they hit back wit some new shit
then have a gangster reunion, the homie told me (wut he say?)
get cha' boogie on youngsta, c-walk homie
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