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Mariee Sioux

Beastly ball of fire all rolling in shame
A rattle snake in the nest
No legs, no eggs, no blame
I hold a lake in each hand
One for skating on, one for drowning in
There are frozen wings your bed
As you sleep outlined in white ghost
Like your soul had been rolling in sheep
Or had been wrapped up in birch bark
Like a gift for the end
When it finally finds me

A mummy tree woman
Mummy tree women
Oh oh oh

Stereo static
Heroes in helmets
Humming birds swarm the attic

Trying so hard to explain
But I can speak only in wool
Might I knit from this mouth a train of cool water?
For almonds I have seen your eyes
So delicate your light
Like a toothless bite
Alien and as humble as a newt
So sweet you almost killed me
Like poisonous honey

(Mummy tree woman verse)

Beautifully bruised when it kicked you with its hooves
A headless stallion the color of a black rose
A mole chews vigorously at my side
While smoldering like a burning insect
Innards have dried into wreaths and rattles
Let’s meet at the madrone's cradle

Making landscapes out of felt
We will learn about
When a pond turns to a meadow
A fawn into a raven
A pond into a meadow
A fawn into a raven
Oh, raven

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