City (Stadt)

Marissa Von Bleicken

All of this is much too much
Always advertising
No more room and no more space
but nowhere left for hiding
All the streets are crowded now
Happiness is nameless
Nobody can understand
This place is so damn shameless

I'll build a city for you
of glass and gold and stone
and every road that leads out will
lead us back on through
I'll build a place for me
For me and you

No one knows what she looks like now
or even what they call her
Everyone here is on the run
Chasing their next dollar

There's gotta be a way to change this
hopeless feeling
How can I defy this? How can I uprise us?
The sky is like a ceiling

I won't answer anymore
to all of these wrong questions
The time we have is fading fast
and no one's got suggestions

Chorus x2

A city with no evidence of fear, only trust
Where all the walls we build are not packed and filled
with greed and selfishness
Where all the lights are calm
and the water flows
and it's safe inside
and everybody knows
That we don't need all this noise and excess just to feel complete

Chorus x2
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