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For Old Times' Sake

Markéta Irglova

Hold me tight
But just for tonight
But not as tight as before
We're not that close anymore

At least not in that way
We've drifted further apart with each day
We have waited it out just to see
If we could love one another casually

But I've been a good friend to you
I've always been there for you
You say you don't know
Where did the people use to be go

You say you don't understand
Whatever made me let go of your hand
But you never asked me to stay
If you wanted me to, you did not say

Now for old times' sake
Go ahead and repeat that mistake
Cause the moment is passed now
I've stopped counting the days somehow

Let it be what it is
Though we never intended for it to turn into this
We had something good that did not last
Let's not be constantly reliving the past

I have nothing but love for you
Though you've often questioned
How that could be true
Well you better start believing me
If you wish to set yourself free

From this long and drawn out process of letting go
This grief and regret has kept your spirit low

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