Divine Timing

Markéta Irglova

Time, how does it go?
Sometimes fast, other times slow
But when I’m with you, time disappears
Weeks can feel like days, days can feel like years
I stood with you, time stood still.
Can you kill time? Can time kill?
Can we stay in our timeless romance?
Freedom, what does it mean?
Is it worth being chased or does it come from within?
Having the freedom of choice, isn’t that being free?
Could you freely choose to be bound to me?
When I met you, the planets did align,
And is it not true, the timing was divine?
Too soon is as bad as too late,
Yet here we are, and was it not fate?
That brought you to me, that brought me to you?
I will be good, I will be true,
But I will not tie our love in chains
We can run wild if neither pulls the reins
We can run free and have adventures of our own
Take the time, if you need to be alone
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