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Out Of The Night

Marta Sanchez

So where could i run to
when i'd lost my way,
i'd wake up each morning
just to face another day.
Cause livin' without your love,
was more than i could bear.
I searched the whole world over,
couldn't find it anywhere.
Then you came along
and gave life new meaning,
you gave me new strength
to carry on.

Out of the night
into the light of your arms.
Out of a dream
into the world where we belong.
I found a reason.
Life is worth living,
when you're here.
I can believe in love again.

If love lasts forever,
then i'll do my part.
There's no way to measure
the love that's in my heart.
It's all that and more
this feeling inside.
How can i make you understand.

(repeat chorus)
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