Marty Sampson

I've seen all the adverts
Stared at all the billboards
Waited for the taxis
Ate your popcorn in movies

But only when i lost myself

I've walked through New York City
I've seen the ugly the pretty
The less fortunate and wealthy
But none can compare to you

I've jumped out to the ending
Been bleeding from wounds of nothing
I've listened and been ignored
Been hungry I've been bored
Been left out in the storm

But only when i lost myself
Is when I found you

I've been so many places
Seen too many faces
Heard too many cases
Of dreams without chasers... so

I've lost myself
And all my wealth
I broke my pride
I stepped aside
And threw away
The best of life
What I held dear
Achingly tight

To lose my lot
Ruin my life
To lose all else
To find myself
With you
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