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    Masini - Masini Rocks

Masini Rocks


MASINI ROCKS CHORUS: masini rocks u know its true yeh i'm talking 2 u and u la la la la la la la la la la hey u sittin in the corner have u heard of a great new band masini is their name and there here 2 stay so u better get used 2 it rite now so come on everybody groove to my beat i wanna see u all move your feet so come on people lets sing CHORUS y u looking sad and blue havent u heard this great new tune every body bop ure heads to this heavy new song coz we r gonna be rockin 4 so long all the people in the street are shaking their booty so come on everybody come and get wild like detinys child we gonna rock all day and all night coz........... CHORUS *SHOUT* masini rocks!!!!

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