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Trained To Kill


Today the public's come in large numbers
It's time for you now to make your entrance
Compelled gladiators, walking in silence
You've never been trained to kill, potential figthers
Chockfull arena, vast amphytheatre
Overexcited cheering audienc
People's come to see this awfull slaughter
Gloating over this riot of violence
Fight, may the best man win
Kill, you must save your skin
There's no alternative
Fight and kill or be killed
Slaves or bararians you must kill one another
There's no rule and no law it's a fight to the death
People takes pleasure in seeing this wholeslaughter
And they've got the power to send you to the death
If they give you the thumbs down sign heads're gone roll
So you can't abdicate if you want to survive
'cause you're slaves and they've got your lives in their control
You all can win your freedom if you're still alive!
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