At Least I Have You

Mates Of State

I was feeling left out at my old friend's house
So I sat on the couch and I go
And now we're running inside on a circular track and
I'm feeling the same way

So I step outside and start my car
And I'm driving nowhere nowhere
Till my cars smolders out on the side of the road
So I close my eyes and listen to the song

It went oh
It's cold
I know
But it reminds me of something
Something about you

I was making my way through new year's day
With some people that I know I already knew
What with so much to do and I know I didn't start
I was feeling the same as you

So I loaded the truck, found a place to set up
Started feeling like myself again
With a frozen toe on the concrete walls
It is here that I was staying with you

Oh it's cold
I know
But it reminds me of something

At least I have you (3x)

Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala (x3)

At least I have you (4x)

What are the things that we couldn't say
In a language that we use everyday
And now were heading home in an east setting sky
And I remember why we started this

I can see you holding on to the sunset place
With the windows that went from here to the bay
Was it the hills that I picked or the chills at the peaks
Or was it just another time we shared

I'm so sure
I know
It's cold
And it reminds me of something

Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala (x3)

I'll always have you (x4)
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