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Handsome Man

Matt Alber

Hey handsome man
What you do last night
Did you have a good time
Was the music alright?

Did you wear that jacket
With those deep blue jeans
I bet the boys went crazy
Bet you caused a scene

Cuz everyone smiles
When my handsome man walks by

I say handsome man
Where you off tonite
Are you out in the garden
Or off to town

Are there any new songs
That you're listening too
I'm gonna take you dancing
When I come see you

Cuz everybody smiles
When my handsome man walks by
He's got the wind in his hair
And the stars all in his eyes

The more I try to tell you
Oh, the more I get it wrong

So handsome man ill tell you
With a song
Thats been hidden in the sand
Beneath the stones
That once did spell our names

A song thats been stirring
In the leaves and
With the wind will
Conswell the flames

Once again... Once again

Handsome man
Can I ask you this
I know we've both been loved
And we've both been kissed

But when the hounds are asleeping
And were 93
Will you tell me
The story of you and me

And how everything changed
When your handsome man walked by
With his head in the clouds
And the stars caught in his eyes

When the world goes crazy
And you forget where you belong
Handsome man ill tell you

When theres nothing
Left to sell you
Handome man ill tell you
With a song
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